Steven H Nipp Post 143

...for your donations of money, services, and materials to the

Post Falls American Legion Post 143.

Your generosity helps us to help so many more in the community. Though you have given without thought of recognition, we would like our members to know of your heartfelt gift, and we encourage them to patronize your business, or thank you when they see you at the Post.

Post 143 would like to thank Rodda Paint in Spokane for their generous donation of 10 gallons of paint to repaint our lounge. This facility within our post is a popular gathering place for veterans and the community. The donation by Rodda Paint has made the lounge a more pleasant place to be. Please show your appreciation by patronizing this business when the opportunity arises. 

We would like to thank Don Nord of CabineTree Custom Cabinets for the beautifully made shelf that he installed in the lounge. If you're in need of custom woodworking or laminate tops, remember Don's donation to the Post, and give him a call.

The Officers & members of Post 143 would like to thank 

for their generous donation of beautiful granite counter tops for the patio grill. It will be appreciated by all who cook on the patio, and all who eat there as well! If you haven't seen the patio BBQ, go out and take a look. Then call daVinci Stone Design and thank them with your business.

(208) 664-9422

We would like to thank legion member Rob Cummins for his very thoughtful & practical donation of shovels, picks, hand tools, a compressor, sledge hammer, and more. His donations will make the jobs go easier and faster for our overworked maintenance crew. Thanks Rob!

Commander Steve Hanson, the Executive Committee and the membership of Post 143 wish to thank the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 9 for their generous donation of $500 to the American Legion. This money will be put to good use and is most appreciated.

Many who belong to the DAV also belong to the American Legion. The strong endorsement that you recently sent out to your membership is most appreciated by each and every one of us.


 Buck Knives

...donated a beautiful new set of badly needed knives to our kitchen.

The Post 143 Auxiliary donated the new burgundy tablecloths for the dining room - to the tune of $1,525. A big improvement over the white ones that had seen much better days. Thanks so much ladies! Like many husbands, we legionnaires may not always say it, but we do appreciate you.

Dee Sasse, our 1st Vice-Commander, has donated - and continues to donate - a wide variety of supplies and equipment for the kitchen, office, maintenance department,  and the post in general. Thank you Dee, for seeing a need and meeting it. Kudos to you!

Paula Atwood, the Post Chaplain, also is very generous in her contributions to the post. Office supplies and materials to better organize both the office and the officers have found their way there thanks to Paula's organizational skills and her willingness to give. We're lucky to have you Paula.

The Salt & Light Speech and Debate Club which meets at the post every Wednesday during the school year, has donated $500 to the legion as a thank you for our support. This unfailingly polite and mature group of homeschooled young people are always willing to help out  at our special dinners and events as they are needed. Thank you Salt & Light, and best of luck in your future competitions!