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Hello Everyone!

April is the Month of the Military Child- I challenge you to find some way to recognize the service that military youth contribute to our country this month.  Whether it be wearing Purple to symbolize your support, or decorating in support of the Purple Up movement.

Applications for the 2014 Summer Smash Summer Camp are currently being accepted.  (flyer attached)  Camp is FREE!  We are also seeking volunteers to assist with camp as chaperones.

In addition it is that time once again to determine the ARNG Youth Delegates to the Army Teen Panel for 2014-2016.  Vanessa Munro and Maria Tolzmann, our current ATP Youth Delegates, have done a fantastic job as the youth voice for the ARNG, but their term has concluded. 

For those interested please email a request for the Army Teen Panel Application.  The next ATP meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 2014 in San Antonio, TX.  All costs associated with this meeting are covered.  Applications are due to the Lead Child & Youth Program Coordinator by April 8.  A selection panel beginning NLT 21 April will make selections and notifications the states NLT COB 1 May. 

Qualifications - Teens interested in becoming ATP members must meet the following qualifications prior to submitting an application to their Statefor consideration:

·         Have a grade point average of "C" (or the equivalent grade point in a 4.0 grade point scale) or better in school, both during application process and during their term as ATP members.   

·         Be involved with a Youth program at his or her installation/command.

·         Be able to attend up to three meetings annually, possibly missing school.  Applicant must have no scheduling conflicts that prohibit attending ATP meeting (i.e., seasonal sports and other school activities which require attendance for more than two weeks).

·         Be a family member of a U.S. Army active duty, retired, or civilian employee.

·         Be a citizen of the United States.

·         Be a member in good standing in the military or civilian community.

·         Be enrolled in the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade for the current school term.

·         Be able to serve for a two-year membership term.

·         Have experience speaking, presenting, and/or briefing adult and youth audiences.

·         Be able to work with both adults and youth to plan and implement activities.

·         Have strong writing skills.

·         Be mature, responsible, and organized.

This is a two-year appointment.

Please contact below with any questions:

Le Ann Edwards

Lead Child and Youth Program Coordinator

Idaho NG Child & Youth Program Contractor

WK 208.272.8397

Cell 208.406-1398

Fax 208-272-5874