Steven H Nipp Post 143

Look here for programs & services for veterans and their families.


For CAREGIVERS of Veteran’s with
Dementia, Alzheimer’s & any Related Disorder

1st Thursday of every month
2 – 3:30 p.m.
Post Falls American Legion
Post 143
1138 E. Poleline Ave., Post Falls, ID
Support Group Facilitators:
Connie Clark: 769-9560
Mary Thomas: 964-9357
Alzheimer’s Association: 666-2996

Mesothelioma Assistance  

Brian Basham

Director of Outreach

192 Nandina Terrace

Winter Springs, FL 32807




From Your Post Service Officers:

A working agreement has been established with Inland Northwest Blood Center (INBC). Please donate blood and advise that the donation is to be credited to American Legion Post 143. The advantage to Post 143 members is a check, from INBC, for $15.00 per blood unit to any Post 143 member patient who has a transfusion. INBC checks are based on the availability of Post 143 units on inventory at INBC. The program applies to all members of the Legion, Auxiliary and SAL.

Post Services Officers have available crutches, electric wheel chairs and walkers. This equipment is to be loaned to Legion, Auxiliary and SAL on a first come first served basis. Please advise your Service Officers of any ailing member or member in need. We will respond as we can by providing assistance or guiding the needy person to the agency that can be of assistance. We also will visit any member who desires visitation.

Contact us at 208-773-9054 or - Bill Davis, Service Officer


The Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program will be holding a free legal clinic on the VA Campus. Volunteer Lawyers will provide Legal Advice only.


When:  2nd Friday of each month at 2:00

Where: Building 114

What you need to do:  Complete an application and mail to address on application


Click Here to go to the application that needs to be completed by the veteran.


Please remember that this is not representation but rather a free clinic for legal advice.  It is at the discretion of the volunteer lawyers whether or not they decide to take on a case pro bono.


Furthermore, due to this being held on VA properties, we cannot accept any clients requesting to file litigation against the va.


If you have any further questions please contact me at 422-1000 ext.7154 or 863-5828.


Our first clinic will be held on 12 April at 1400 hours.  Please get any applicant packets to me by this Friday if possible!




Joshua Bode, LCSW, Veterans Justice Outreach Coordinator


The Eastern Washington University Smiles for Veterans program, put on by the EWU Dental Hygiene clinic at the Riverpoint Campus, has opened their doors to all Veterans.  They will be providing a reduced fee dental service day for those Veterans only who have no other dental insurance. Veterans will be provided with:

-       Dental Exam    -       X-rays and Assessments      -       Cleanings

Please call 509 828-1309 to make an appointment. If you have any questions and/or comments please contact me.

Very respectfully,

Eliseo "Joe" Dumlao, USAF (Retired)                                                           

Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom                                                                                                    Readjustment Counseling Technician and Outreach Specialist

Spokane Veterans Center

(509) 893-4743