Steven H Nipp Post 143



If you have flags that are damaged and no longer servicable, flag etiquette says they should be burned and not just thrown in the trash.

Please place your damaged flags in the bin in front of our Post's building and we will dispose of them properly through burning.

Flags we recieve that are not too badly worn are given to local funeral homes that do cremations to cover a veteran's body prior to the cremation process.






June 14, 2017 Flag Burning (Retirement) Ceremony at Post 143











Commander Wheeler Accepting Flags for Retirement                                      Councilperson Kerri Thoreson reading Flag Salute











    Boy Scouts Delivering Flags for Retirement                                                                      Preparing Flag for Placement 











      Placing Flag in Fire for Final Retirement                                                           Post 143 Honor Guard Providing Rifle Salute


                                                                   Boy Scouts Observing Final Flag Retirement